New Zealand’s greatest World Cup moments

After 4 years, the big tournament is finally here. Hosted in Japan for the first time, this year sees a spirited field of teams eager to challenge New Zealand for their title.

In preparation we take a moment to look back on some of the stand out moments for New Zealand from previous tournaments.

The Great Solo Try of 1987

The very first World Cup match saw hosts New Zealand convincingly beat Italy 70-6, and featured one of the greatest tries in tournament history, scored by a Kiwi.

Receiving an offload from #10 Grant Fox near his own 22 line, John Kirwan put on a magnificent display of speed and footwork as he stepped and outpaced countless opposition players to score unassisted. Running 70m downfield, barely a single Italian player was able to lay a hand on him as he simultaneously scored a try and entered the history books.

The Hit-and-Run of 1995

The 1995 semi-final saw witness to what can be described as a bulldozer running amok on a rugby field. Putting the pressure on England early, New Zealand pushed the ball up the field, closing in on the opposition try line. Halfback Graeme Bachop dished out a pass that missed its mark, only to be collected on the bounce by 21-year-old winger, Jonah Lomu.

With the try line in sight, nothing was going to stop Lomu as he ran it up. English Fullback Mike Catt was all that stood between the 120kg Kiwi and scoring. Lomu crashed his way through to the history books as the big man barely slowed pace running through Catt on his way to the try line.

This moment, and similar destructive blitzes helped established Lomu as the legend he became.

“The Kick” of 2011

The phrase “The Kick” took on new meaning following the 2011 World Cup, and probably needs little introduction. We’re of course referring to Stephen Donald’s famous penalty kick in the 2011 final against France.

Stephen Donald was out white baiting when he got the call up to join the Kiwi squad at the semi-final stage. His big moment came in the final as the All Blacks faced down their boogie team, the French. This was a huge moment; New Zealand hadn’t won a World Cup tournament since the inaugural in 1987, and the French were responsible for knocking the All Blacks out of the 1999 and 2007 tournaments.

A fiercely contested and physical game saw kicker, Aaron Cruden, forced out by injury at the 34th minute, which brought Donald into the game. The All Blacks were up 5-0 going into the second half. At the 46th minute the Kiwis had a penalty kick opportunity, Donald rose to the occasion as he slotted it over the posts for 3 points – this turned out to be the game winning moment. The French rebounded with a converted try to get 7 points, but New Zealand held on to their 1 point margin, thanks to Donald’s penalty kick, to end the game 8-7 in the All Blacks favour.

After 24 long years New Zealand finally won the cup and Donald became a national hero.

History made in 2015, repeatedly...

New Zealand entered the 2015 as the reigning champs (finally!) and now had the opportunity to cement their legacy. If they could capture their second title, they would be the first team to ever do so.

Having one of the strongest line-ups in recent memory, the team did not disappoint. Undefeated in their pool games, the All Blacks fought their way through the quarter and semi-final games to meet Australia in the grand final.

The first record was set - by making the final, New Zealand became the first team to ever make the final four times.

The final was a scorcher of a game, with 5 tries being scored between the two teams – a record for most tries scored in a cup final. Thankfully it was in the Kiwi’s favour as they emerged victorious to claim their second title. New Zealand became the first country to defend their title and win 2 world cups in a row, and the first to win the tournament 3 times in total. And as a bonus, this was also the All Blacks’ first cup won on foreign soil. Quite the record setting tournament!

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